About Us

Our History

In the 1970s a keen Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, tasked with the responsibility of procuring, servicing and maintaining survival equipment for Transport Canada’s fleet of aircraft, realised a void in supply and demand within the private, corporate and commercial aviation sectors. There was a need to create a more specialized approach to aviation survival equipment sales and service. Developing an aviation specific survival kit to meet the regulations and requirements of a growing and changing industry while fulfilling a void in servicing other critical survival equipment, such as life rafts and life preservers, Capital Survival Limited was born of true entrepreneurial spirit in 1978 as a small home based corporation.

     Fast forward to April 2000, present owner Steve Hallam, son of a helicopter pilot/engineer and a career paramedic diversifying in both ground and air based operations, envisioned the enormous potential and seized the opportunity to purchase the company with a view to continuing in its footsteps as a family run business. Following extensive research and development, further refinement and expansion of the survival kit product line and content put our company “on the map” and transformed it into a bonafide OEM entity. This milestone moment pressured the requirement for more spacious purpose-oriented facilities which Capital Survival Limited acquired in 2008. At that time Evan Hallam-Bimm joined the company in a part-time capacity learning the intricacies of the business from the ground up. He then committed to full-time status upon graduation with a university degree in 2014. His father’s ensuing medical career retirement then created a dynamic father-son partnership.

     The year 2013 saw formal training and qualified service centre status with Survival Products Inc. in Hollywood, Florida. In 2016 SPI was acquired by AVI Inflatables and relocated to its vast facility in Sunrise, Florida. Lending its extensive expertise and experience as an evacuation slide repair and overhaul facility, the newly formed AVI Survival Products revamped the previous family run company into a more dynamic entity. It has since improved upon the life raft product line with bold new initiatives gaining FAA TSO certification to manufacture 3 year serviceable life rafts. In 2019 Capital Survival Limited was afforded the opportunity to renew its relationship with the new AVI Survival Products and looks forward to introducing their upgraded product line to our clientele.

     Capital Survival Limited further extended its capabilities by aligning itself with well established Switlik Survival Products of New Jersey which possesses a solid record in the manufacture of aviation and marine survival equipment. Qualification as a service centre was granted in 2016. This critical alliance enabled our company to not only expand its product line, but also to enter the pleasure marine sector. Switlik’s innovative man overboard products coupled with its line of heavy duty 5 year serviceable marine and aviation life rafts, and the absolute best quality aviation constant wear life preservers on the market, Capital Survival Limited is fortunate to be able to compete for business in such diverse markets.


Our Philosophy

Accidents are survivable. Therefore, all of our products are configured for all passengers & crew aboard.

Preparedness is the key to survival.

Preparedness is a choice.

Hope is never lost.

Our Vision

Capital Survival Limited is well positioned to move forward considering the solid support from such a storied company as Switlik Survival Products and such an aggressive company as AVI Survival Products. In concert with our own status as an OEM manufacturer in the aviation survival kit landscape, our expanding abilities and capabilities further signifies our intent to compete as a significant player in such a niche industry and unique marketplace on both the domestic and international stages. The potential for growth is infinite and we at Capital Survival Limited are eager to introduce a top quality and varied product line with huge aspirations to deliver exceptional service to our loyal and ever expanding client base.



Our Mission

Capital Survival Limited is committed to earning our clients’ trust and confidence by continually striving toward evermore improved service and the availability of high quality products with efficacy and affordability in mind. We are driven to be the best that we can be and to exceed our clients’ expectations in offering a competent and efficient one-stop shopping experience.

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